Annoucing H4H totals & location winners!

We’re proud to report that this year’s Harvest for Hunger campaign raised more than $510,000 and 440,000 pounds of food for hungry families throughout our communities! Thanks to everyone for all the time, energy and heart you put into this campaign to make it such a huge success.

Now, to announce this year’s top campaigns . . .

Here are each of the locations and regions that led the way in dollars per employee, pounds per employee, as well as this year’s location with the top fundraising event:

First place $/EE ($10,000) = Garrison Farmers Elevator – Garrison, ND
Second place $/EE ($7,500) = United Plains Ag – Sharon Springs, KS
Third place $/EE ($5,000) = Northern Plains – Gettysburg, SD

First place #/EE ($10,000) = CHS Sun Basin – Quincy, WA
Second place #/EE ($7,500) = Connell Grain Growers – Connell, WA
Third place #/EE ($5,000) = Farmers Elevator – Circle, MT

Winning Region $/EE ($10,000) = Midwest Region, Ed Mallett
Winning Region #/EE ($10,000) = PNW Region, Nick White

Top Fundraising Event ($2,500) = Primeland Cooperatives – Lewiston, ID

Note:  All business units raising over $100/full-time employee will receive a $2,500 bonus not to exceed the total amount collected per business unit.

Posted April 10, 2014

March 19 Totals

With just one day to go, CHS H4H has raised $291,000 and 212,792 pounds of food! Keep up the good work, everyone!

Today’s leaderboard is the same as yesterday:


Region standings 1.  Midwest Region 2. Heartland Region 3. Plains Region

Business unit standings 1.  Garrison Farmers Elevator – Garrison, ND 2. Dakota Prairie Ag – Edgeley, ND 3. Northern Plains – Gettysburg, SD


Region standings 1. PNW Region 2. Mountain Region 3. Plains Region

Business unit standings 1. CHS Sun Basin – Quincy, WA 2. Farmers Elevator – Circle, MT 3. Connell Grain Growers – Connell, WA

Posted March 19, 2014

Sun Basin reflects on H4H
“Sun Basin hosted a lot of H4H events in the communities in which we do business. Hot dog BBQ events in Quincy, Royal City, Mattawa, Moses Lake and Ephrata. A yard sale and pulled pork event in Othello and a Roller skating party in Soap Lake. Each of these events collected between $300 and $900 in cash and 140 – 400 lbs. of food. However, our community stakeholder’s recognition of the efforts were phenomenal!

When a farmer gets off the tractor, makes a special trip to town to donate $100 for a Ball Park hot dog and can of Pepsi, you have to assume he sees a lot of value in your effort. When a citizen of the community shows up with a car full of groceries to donate, it may be because at some point in their life, they had to utilize the donations to help feed their family. When a past donator of a semi load of potatoes or onions has emptied their cellar because of a positive commodity situation, and instead writes a check for $1,500 to H4H, you know he is committed.

When Country Operations issues checks to distribute to local charities (our goes to local Food Banks), and you see tears of thanks, it makes you proud to be an employee of CHS. . . ”
Dave Bewick, CHS Sun Basin



March 19, 2014

Garrison and FFA work together to fight hunger
“The Garrison High School FFA Chapter held their 4th annual Harvest For Hunger food drive in the city of Garrison on Monday, March 17th.  Each year the Chapter divides into teams and races to see which team can collect the most food and money in an hour. It was a very tight competition this year-a giant can of grape juice and $5.00 was the difference between the 1st and 2nd place team!  Overall the Chapter brought back $752.38 and 504 pounds of food.  After hearing they surpassed last year’s total, one student proclaimed everyone a winner.  Love that attitude! ”
-Deleene Wilxox, Garrison

March 19, 2014

Connell Grain Growers joins forces with local school
“Our first Harvest for Hunger school food drive is off to a great start.  Frontier Middle Schools Art Club Members held the Food Drive at their school and brought in 512lbs of food.  We will be hosting a Pizza Party for the ART Group for all their hard work, and the class that brought in the most pounds of food this week.   Way to go girls!”
-Danielle Mathenia, Connell Grain Growers



March 18, 2014

March 18 leaderboard updates
With just two days to go before the close of the campaign, you have pulled together to raise $260,000 and 140,000 pounds of food for those in our communities who need it most.  Great job, everyone!

Those leading the way include:


Region standings
1.  Midwest Region
2. Heartland Region
3. Plains Region

Business unit standings
1.  Garrison Farmers Elevator – Garrison, ND
2. Dakota Prairie Ag – Edgeley, ND
3. Northern Plains – Gettysburg, SD


Region standings
1. PNW Region
2. Mountain Region
3. Plains Region

Business unit standings
1. CHS Sun Basin – Quincy, WA
2. Farmers Elevator – Circle, MT
3. Connell Grain Growers – Connell, WA

March 18, 2014

CHS Agri Service Center holds hockey fundraiser
“CHS Agri Service Center, Loomis Agronomy Center had their fundraising with the help of Loomis Crop Nutrients and Loomis Grain department.  Seed Manager Matt Broekemeir organized the H4H fundraiser at the Tri-City Hockey game in Kearney, NE which we all sold tickets to help raise donations.  Hockey fans brought canned food to enter tickets for the drawing of a Tri-City Storm jersey; also split the pot, which the winner donated all cash back to Harvest for Hunger.  The Tri-City Storm Hockey Team had the local grocery store bring 380 lbs of food for the pantry.  It was a fun night of Hockey with family and friends.”
-Branda Wohlgemuth, CHS Agri Service Center



March 18, ,2014

Monday’s Totals and Leaderboards
As of this morning, Harvest for Hunger totals have reached $228,00 and nearly 140,000 pounds of food. Way to go, everyone!

Here are the regions and business units leading the way:

Regional competition standings

1. Heartland Region
2. Midwest Region
3. Plains Region

1. PNW Region
2. Mountain Region
3. Midwest Region

Business unit leaderboards

1. Garrison Farmers Elevator — Garrison, ND
2. Dakota Prairie Ag — Edgeley, ND
3. M&M Cooperative — Yuma, CO

1. CHS Sun Basin — Quincy, WA
2. Farmers Elevator — Circle, MT
3. M&M Cooperative — Yuma, CO

March 17, 2014

Harvest “Fore!” Hunger at Garrison

“Garrison Farmers Union Elevator held the second annual Harvest Fore! Hunger simulator golf tournament on Sunday, March 16th.  Although it was almost nice enough to golf outside, the Garrison Golf Course was kind enough to donate the use of their simulator for the event.  A good time was had by all and a nice sum of money was added to our H4H campaign.”
-Deleene Wilcox, Garrison


March 17, 2014

M&M’s fundraising event raises  $9,050!
On March 10, M&M Cooperative held its first annual Cajun Boil and Mouse Race to benefit Harvest for Hunger. The event was a huge hit! Click here to read all about it:

MandM--3 guysGetting ready to cook the lobsters

MandMgroupGood food, good cause, great community

MandMkidsKids of all ages had a blast

March 14, 2014

Who gets to kiss the pig?
Primeland has lots of H4H fun and events planned, including a  walk/run, as well as a crew of flocking flamingos making their way to the front yards of residents thoroughout their community. Residents pay-up to have the flamingos removed and can also make a donation to have the flock sent to a friend. (What a thoughtful gift!)

And last, but certainly not least, Primeland is holding a “kiss the pig” contest, which everyone is anxiously awaiting – except, maybe the six ladies pictured below.

Which of these lucky Primeland ladies will get a chance to kiss the pig?


Posted March 12, 2014

March 12 update
As of today, Agris entries are reflecting a total of $155,000 and 80,000 pounds of food. Keep up the good work!

Posted March 12, 2014

Connell Grain Growers holds 2nd annual pork feed
“This past weekend Connell Grain Growers held our second annual pulled pork feed and we had a great turn out and support for harvest for hunger.  It was a bigger turnout than last year. Potatoes were donated by ConAgra Foods, and apples were donated by Empey Orchards Inc, a local company. This was just the first of our events for the month.”
-Shelby Smith, Connell Grain Growers



Connell-Road sign

Posted March 10, 2014

Sun Basin & Garrison awarded with Best First Week

Week one raked in $105,000 and 71 pounds of food. Way to go!

As you may recall, the business unit with the best first week receives a $2,500 bonus contribution to be awarded to a local charity of choice. The best first week goes to:

  • Sun Basin, with 605 pounds per full time employee
  • Garrison, with $442 per full time employee

Several other business units also had a fantastic first week, collecting between $100-$150 per full time employee:

  • New Horizons, Herman, MN
  • Prairie Lakes, Starbuck, MN
  • M&M, Yuma, CO
  • Eastern Farmers, Brandon, SD

Posted March 10, 2014

Garrison Farmers Union Elevator Event Recap

“Garrison Farmers Union Elevator had a free will BBQ & silent auction on Friday, March 7th to benefit Harvest for Hunger.  The Norwegian Nachos were very popular!”
Deleene Wilcox, Garrison Farmers Union Elevator


CHS Prairie Lakes puts the “fun” in fundraising
“CHS Prairie Lakes has had a successful first week! Community members enjoyed roller skating and the hotdog feed in Hoffman, the snowmobile fun run and door prizes in Park Rapids, and the delicious spaghetti supper served by the Long Prairie team. We have also sold over 50 cookbooks for our first week!”
-Brandi Sperr, CHS Prairie Lakes




Posted March 7, 2014

Week One Totals
As of this morning, Harvest for Hunger totals have reached $70,000 and 38,000 pounds. The leaders remain the same as yesterday with Garrison Farmers Elevator, M&M Cooperative and CHS Drayton leading the way with dollars per full time employee. CHS Sun Basin and M&M Cooperative are at the top of the charts for pounds per full time employee. Keep up the good work!

In the meantime, be sure to tell us about your fundraising successes by clicking on the  ”share your story” tab.

Posted March 7, 2014

Week One Leader Board
Congrats to all the participating cooperatives on a successful first week. Here are the leaders for week one:

Dollars per full time employee
1. Garrison Farmers Elevator–Garrison, ND
2. M&M Cooperative–Yuma, CO
3. CHS–Drayton, ND

Pounds per full time employee
1. CHS Sun Basin–Quincy, WA
2. M&M Cooperatives–Yuma, CO

Reminder to captains:  Please enter all data by the end of the day tomorrow, March 7, to be included in the “Best First Week” dollars & pounds contest.

Posted March 6, 2014

CHS Agri Service Center holds successful fundraiser

“CHS Agri Service Center in Smithfield and Bertrand had their Soup and Pie fundraiser on March 2, 2014  from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. in Smithfield Community Building, Smithfield, NE.  When people came in line to eat they entered their name in a bowl for the drawing of door prizes throughout the afternoon.  They also had a silent auction; there were 3 JD toy tractors from LandMark Implement; 2 oil changes from Janssen, a 20lb reibeye from Tyson, 18 hole golf cart rental from Bertrand Golf Course; $25 gift card to Fritz’s Meat, Prime Rib dinner from Blue Moose in Bertrand and bag of goodies from CPlus in Bertrand.  It was a very cold Sunday with snow and wind and temperature -1 degree; they did have a good turn out and people enjoyed the day. They raised a nice fund for the Harvest for Hunger.”
-Branda Wohlgemuth, CHS Agri Service Center



Posted March 6, 2014
CHS H4H campaign officially underway
The 2014 CHS H4H campaign is officially underway! As your campaign gets rolling, be sure to check this site for captain materials, important dates and other campaign information.
Also — don’t forget to tell us how your campaign is making a difference in your community. Simply click on the “share your story” tab to submit your campaign stories and photos.
Posted March 3, 2014